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How The Car Loan Process Works

Getting a loan is easy! We have streamlined the process to ensure your loan experience is fast and enjoyable. The whole process is only 3 steps and you can drive home as fast as today! At The Bay Auto it's easy to qualify!

3 Easy Steps

Step 1 Apply Online Step 2 Easy paperwork step 3 get your car

Step One - Apply Online

Apply online. In just a few minutes you will have the information finished so that we can make a decision on how much we can lend you today. Don't worry about your past credit. We understand and offer loans to people with bad credit everyday.

Step Two - Easy Paperwork

Documentation is supplied to us by you. Nothing hard. The list is short. Just fax, email, or bring us what we need and we get to work for you!

Step Three - Getting Your Car!

When you arrive at our convenient location you will be greeted by a professional auto loan processor. They will be ready and waiting to assist you in finalizing the loan. The sales staff will show you vehicles, explain your loan documents, and hand you your keys. It takes about 30 minutes and you are on your way. It's just that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Down Payment requirements?

$ 0 Down Great Credit / Crédito Excelente RATES FROM 3 - 9.99% 12-72 MONTHS $25K MAX LOAN & REQUIRE >720 EXPERIAN 5 YEAR 5 TRADE LINE SCORE.

$ 500 Down Good Credit / Crédito Bueno RATES FROM 9 - 18.99% 12-48 MONTHS $15K MAX LOAN & REQUIRE >630 EXPERIAN 5 YEAR 5 TRADE LINE SCORE.

$ 1,000-$1,500 Down No Credit / Nada De Crédito

$2,500 Down or More Bad credit

All on lender approval not everyone qualifies must have over $1,500 gross monthly income and more restrictions apply for lender to determine term, apr, and down call dealer for all details.

***** Typically a $10k and under car / More loan means more down. With Approved Credit. ******

What type of monthly payments should I expect ?

We try to keep our terms very short and monthly payments low, so our typical monthly payments are from $198 - $398 a month depending on loan amount and term

How long do I have to pay my loan back?

Our loans typically range from 12 up to 48 months. We want your payment to be comfortable for your situation, and work with you to make that happen. Paying your payments on time will help assure that your payoff goes down every month. Of course, we will never penalize you for paying off early, or for paying extra.

What sort of documents may be required to get my Auto Loan?

  1. Proof of Income ( Pay Stub, 3 Month Bank Statements, Cash, Any Income OK )
  2. Phone Bill ( Metro, Boost Any Company or Not in your name is OK )
  3. Utility Bill ( junk mail or any type of Bill or mail )
  4. Bank Statement ( checking or savings and Pre Paid Card Statments OK )

Do I have to go to the DMV?

No, we will take care of all the DMV work for you, the smog and the saftey check.

How do I apply for an auto loan ?

Loans are easy to get. You simply need to fill out a credit application after you look at the Down Payment requirenments and call in to make an appoitment.

Apply Online or call 510-713-2111

Click here to get financed.

How will this help my credit?

Unlike most other auto loan companies, we report to the major credit reporting agencies. This means that your account will show on credit bureau, and every month that you pay, it will reflect positively. Credit scores are heavily weighted on current accounts, so even if you have bad credit in your past, this loan will help to raise your credit score, and help you obtain new credit in the future.

I have extremely bad credit. Can I still get approved for a loan?

Yes, you can get approved for a loan despite having bad credit. We approve loans for customers depending on how much down, their capability to pay back, and the info they provide on their application.

What will happen if I don't make my payments on time for a car loan?

If a customer doesn't make a payment or is not responsive to the lender, then there is a possibility that your vehicle could be repossessed. Repossession of a vehicle is contemplated only when it is the last option since it is very costly and time consuming.
It could also negatively affect your credit score.

What payment options do you Offer?

There are several options conveniently available for you. You may mail your payments to our payment center, pay by phone with a check, set up monthly automatic electronic debits from your checking account or you may go to payment locations.

How do I know when the due date will be for my first payment?

Your first payment will be due 30-45 days after you take your car.

How do I get in touch with The Bay Auto?

You can call us at 1-510-713-2111, E-mail us at: thebayauto@gmail.com or Apply For Credit Online.

I don't have a ride to get there, what can I do?

We can pick you up at Bart, Train Station or even at home.

How long would it take to qualify for a car loan?

The entire application process is extremely quick and easy. Qualifying for your auto loan takes a few short minutes, and your in and out of our office in as little as an hour.